Call Sales Area Guidelines
The Call Sales area is open to any registered member of the forums.

There are no listing or final sales fees. This is a free feature for our registered members. *

Custom Calls ONLY may be posted in the Call Sales Area. CnC'd and fully molded calls will be removed

Commercial Calls may be posted in the Rare and Collectible Calls Section per approval of the THO Game Calls Staff

Reselling of other Custom Call Makers Work is allowed as long as the ORIGINAL maker is disclosed in the listing

All sales are between the Call Maker & Buyer. THO Game Calls is not responsible for deals gone bad.

You will need a Premier or Business PayPal account to be paid if someone buys your call though this area

Once your call is sold, please delete the listing.

Please do not list calls with links to other sales sites, such as E bay or your web site.

Calls listed here must be for sale here.

Resize your photos to no more than 800 pixels on the long side.

Only two photos per listing are allowed.

Keep listing titles short and professional.

If you do not include a photo of your call, your listing will be removed.
* We reserve the right to charge listing fees at a future date